Desi Hot Kisses – Sexy Smooch Bedroom Scenes from Bollywood Movies


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Have you heard the one about the dumb blonde? Have you ever met a dumb blonde? Now, what about the fakes? I mean peroxide hair girls and pretend airheads. Is the dumb blonde stereotype so powerful, some women find more advantage in acting stupid than impressing others with cleverness? Just how ridiculous does this get? I'll tell you. Far from a pretender, evolved beyond myth, my mother leads all blonde-kind. Her nails are bright red, and she pays weekly to keep them perfect. I could hire hookers for that kind of money, but not only is my mother economically vapid, she has a peculiar attitude about sex. She never complained when my father would grab her and fondle her tits or split her thighs with a crude paw. I'd catch sight of this in the living room occasionally, but I'm sure it happened more often out of my sight. He was a walking hard on. The cops imprisoned my father for raping homeless women, and he committed suicide there, (because none of the other prisoners would molest him). Mom tolerated his obsessive and criminal libido, but she tells a whole other story if I confess to pinching a girl's behind at school. My hands are still imprinted with backward inch marks. Mother observes all the requisite behaviors of a classic D.B. She smiles blankly at conversations above

a third grade level, waits until her panties turn yellow for gentlemen to open the ladies room door, and obsesses over clothes like they would reduce nuclear stockpiles, make nicotine harmless, and cure religion. She bought a lime green sports car with Dad's life insurance but had to sell the house to pay off a few months of utility bills. My mother said we were lucky to be able to drive such a nice car while apartment hunting. (at 85 miles per hour!) She signed the first lease presented. We moved into a rejected sardine can four blocks away from the nine room, half acre home we once owned.

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